About Us

Greetings, dear friends! We would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to you. It is an honour to have you visit with us. Please do make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. While we put on a pot of our favourite tea, allow us to introduce ourselves and become better acquainted.


Our names are Robin Gee Martinez and Penny Gee. We are the creators of Lovely Victoriana Letters and Love Stories. Often referred to as a "dynamic duo", we are two sisters (and best friends) with a passion for writing, history, romance and intrigue. We are both accomplished authors, having several published books and award-winning poetry between us. We share an extensive background in advertising, marketing, content writing, copywriting and are proud of our vast business experience.  


Raised in an environment where we were encouraged to pursue our interests, explore our talents and follow our dreams, our creativity had plenty of space to bloom and blossom over the years. Whenever we have put our heads together and have started brainstorming, the sky has been the only limit on what we have been able to accomplish.


Our past entrepreneurial successes include a bath and body business and a popular beauty box company (Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes) that we started together back in 2008, which happened to be one of the first and longest-running sample box/beauty box companies in North America and the first to launch in Canada. It was the original glam and pampering box with record-breaking sell-out events from 2008-2022. "Happy mail" has long been our specialty.


Back in 2004, we created several websites which were considered valuable resources of information and research on the Victorian Era (the original Lovely Victoriana website) and Old West. Our years of research and dedication to these subjects resulted in high-traffic websites that were highly recommended by various education boards as a learning tool. These websites no longer exist but have been archived by a group aiming to maintain internet history.


In addition, we started the popular and very successful  "Delightful Divas In Business" blog (back in the early days of blogging) where our goal was to promote small businesses in the handmade market.  In the following years, we started our own light and uplifting online lifestyle magazine, in which we published articles and interviews with famed entrepreneurs and world-renowned figures. 


With decades of writing experience, expertise in sending out "happy mail" and a wealth of Victorian era research, it seemed only natural that we put all of our creativity, writing skills, talents and knowledge together once again and start something new, refreshing and beautiful. Something unique. Something that would transport people to a simpler time. A new idea but with an old fashioned approach. We poured our hearts into this venture and worked tirelessly to build our business from the ground up.


That's when Lovely Victoriana Letters and Love Stories made its debut. 


Lovely Victoriana Letters and Love Stories is all about "celebrating the warmth and charm of the Victorian era through letters and love stories sent to you by mail". These uplifting letters, all written by us, are mailed out to our delighted recipients throughout Canada and USA. Within each envelope that you receive, there is a delightfully-presented, compelling letter along with an accompanying document, a fascinating gazette, to help assist in the building of the storyline. Each enthralling storyline, based in the Victorian era, is engaging, immersive and interactive. With our letters, you will feel connected to the main characters and will actually get to feel as though YOU are part of the unfolding story!


That's the fun of Lovely Victoriana Letters and Love Stories.


We strive to create works of fiction that are historically accurate and realistic but with a light, dreamy and romantic essence and a touch of intrigue. We put great attention into the details, setting the scenes with descriptiveness, so that the reader will become wrapped up in the story and eager to learn more.


Our letters are family-friendly. Always wholesome. Always clean. No vulgarities or improper language. No violence. Just good, old fashioned, heartwarming stories.


Our letters and love stories are greatly influenced and inspired by our ardent love for the respectable, honourable and sweet writings of some of our favourite authors, including Jane Austen, Janette Oke, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Grace Livingston Hill, Isabella Alden, Emily Loring, the Brontë sisters, Laura Ingalls Wilder and more.


Within our letters, you will find that we put focus and much emphasis on geography and natural settings. We believe in pulling our readers into the scenes through descriptive surroundings and captivating places on the map. You will likely notice that we have a particular penchant for the sea, as clearly noted in most of our letters. The Atlantic Canadian seaside and countryside is often highlighted and showcased. Quaint towns and picturesque backdrops give our stories a uniquely Canadian flair.


The combination of our signature writing styles, our ambition, our standard for perfection, our romantic vision, our own original illustrations and our years of research create the perfect blend for weaving stories into letter mail for our ever-growing audience.


This is Lovely Victoriana Letters and Love Stories.


We love what we do and consider this one of the most rewarding jobs on earth!


We pride ourselves in creating a friendly atmosphere, a unique experience and exceptional customer service. Our team is here for you!


It is our sincere hope that you will have a cherished and memorable experience with us here at Lovely Victoriana Letters and Love Stories.


We also encourage you to contact us with any questions, inquiries or reviews that you may have. We value all of our customers and look forward to hearing from you.


Our Team:


Robin Gee Martinez

Co-Founder/Owner - Creator & Author

Researcher & Co-Creative Director

Website Design & Management

Art & Marketing Director


Penny Gee

Co-Founder/Owner - Creator & Author

Researcher & Co-Creative Director

Logistics & Office Manager

Content Director


Joseph Martinez


Operations & Distribution Control