Is shipping free?

Yes, absolutely free!


Which countries do you mail to?

We mail to Canada and USA only.


After purchasing a subscription, how long does it take for my initial letter to be mailed?

Please allow 5-7 business days of turnaround time for your initial (very first) letter to be sent out in the mail. All other letters to follow will be sent out on the designated mail dates as specified on our website.  


After purchasing the Lovely Victoriana Literary Box, how long does it take for it to be mailed?

 After the payment has cleared, the box will be sent out on the next scheduled mailing day.


What are the mailing dates each month?

 Please see our Mailing Dates page.  


How long does it take for letters to arrive by mail?

All letters are sent through Canada Post.  For Canada, please allow 6-8 business days (or more) for letters to arrive by mail.  For USA, please allow 10-14 business days (or more) for letters to arrive by mail. 

There is no guarantee that the letters will arrive within these given time frames, as mailing times may vary. This is simply an idea of how long it usually takes for letters to arrive by mail.  Sometimes it may be less days, sometimes it may be more days.  

On rare occasions, there may be a slight delay in the mailing date(s) of letters due to inclement weather or perhaps a shortage in supplies and/or while we are waiting for necessary supplies to arrive.  In this event, the mailing date(s) will be postponed and rescheduled for a later date. The new date will be announced.  Please rest assured that mailing out letters in a timely manner is our top priority and we will do our utmost to keep with schedule.


Why is my letter late and/or not arriving within the same amount of days each month?

Letters are sent out on designated mailing dates (unless otherwise stated) but actual delivery dates (to their destination) are beyond our control and may vary from month to month.


I ordered two different stories. Will they arrive in the mail at the same time?  

Upon purchasing multiple letter stories, there is no guarantee that the letters will arrive in the mail on the same date.  Letters tend to get separated at the postal facilities and/or get processed at different times and therefore may occasionally arrive at their destination(s) on separate dates.


Why did my letter arrive with some wear and tear?

We take great care in how we handle our letters and we take great pride in our quick and timely mailing practices. However, when letters leave our facility and are in the hands of the postal service, we are no longer responsible for the letters and/or the condition in which they arrive to the recipient and/or the length of time in which they arrive to the recipient. This is all beyond our control.

Envelopes or letters may accidentally become torn, ripped, wet, stained, wrinkled, worn or faded during the mailing process. 


Does each letter contain the same amount of pages?

Each letter may contain a different amount of pages depending on the length of each portion of the story. There is no guarantee that all letters will contain exactly the same amount of pages.     


Are your stories family-friendly and clean?

Yes.  Our letters are family-friendly. Always wholesome. Always clean. No vulgarities or improper language. No violence. Just good, old fashioned, heartwarming stories. 

Our love stories are primarily geared toward adults but can most certainly be enjoyed by all ages.  However, we do believe that our stories are best suited for pre-teen and up, as there are some emotional topics (for example: romance, anger, tension, mystery, loss or grief) which may need parental explanation.  All emotional topics are carefully and lightly broached within our storylines to maintain wholesome, tender, and realistic life scenarios (similar to those found within the pages of the classics such as: "Anne Of Green Gables" and "Little Women").

Our letters and love stories are greatly influenced and inspired by our ardent love for the respectable, honourable and sweet writings of some of our favourite authors, including Jane Austen, Janette Oke, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Grace Livingston Hill, Isabella Alden, Emily Loring, the Brontë sisters, Laura Ingalls Wilder and more.


Are your stories fiction or non-fiction?

Our stories are works of fiction, written in whole by us.  However, our stories are generally based in actual towns, communities, cities, villages or locations in Canada and/or around the world.  In addition, there may be occasional references, within our stories, to true historical or well-known figures to add depth, realism, accuracy and richness to our period storylines.


How is this different from a book?

Our stories are designed to gradually and slowly unfold through the pages of a letter and through the continuous, unhurried and anticipated arrival of letters by mail.  They provide a much more intimate, revealing and engaging reading experience.  They provide a deeper and closer look into the life and innermost feelings of the love story heroine.  There is no interference or influence of thought by the author.  Just raw emotion poured out on a sheet of paper by the heroine herself, leaving you to do the thinking and therefore creates a more pleasurable, imaginative escape from the everyday. It is a more compelling, immersive storytelling adventure and an overall richer reading experience.


Do you accept returns or provide refunds?

No, we do not accept returns or provide refunds. Letters can not be returned and money cannot be refunded after purchasing a subscription, either in part or in whole, at any time.  


Do you accept cancellations?

We only accept cancellations on our monthly subscriptions after a minimum of 6 months.  We do not accept cancellations on our pre-paid (one-time payment) option(s).  


Do you give free trials?

No, we do not provide free trials for any of our letter subscriptions.


Do you provide free letters/subscriptions for reviews?

No, we do not.