How It Works

1. Choose your story.

2. We'll send it to you by mail.


Here at Lovely Victoriana Letters & Love Stories, we send you love stories in the form of old-fashioned letter mail. 


Whether you choose our 12-month stories or our 1-month short stories, we are sure that you will delight in this diversion from the everyday.  Our commitment is to make your mail time a much sweeter experience. 


12-Month Stories

(24 Letters)

Our 12-month stories are mailed out to recipients twice a month for 12 months. That means that you receive 24 letters in total delivered right to you. A full year of happy mail.


1-Month Short Stories

(2 Letters)

Our 1-month short stories (or story "bursts" as we prefer to call them) are mailed out twice during a 1-month time frame. That means that you receive 2 letters in total delivered right to you. A full month of happy mail.


Multi-Page Letter & Complimentary Gazette

Within each envelope that you receive, there is a lovely, compelling letter with an accompanying document to help assist in the building of the storyline. This document is in the form of a fascinating Gazette that is filled with extra tidbits of information like articles and even "town gossip" about the story characters along with historical, geographical and period-based information and unique advertisements to help set the scene and to engage the reader.


An Unfolding Story

Each enthralling storyline, written by us and based in the Victorian Era, is engaging, immersive and interactive. With our letters, you will feel connected to the main characters and will actually get to feel as though YOU are part of the unfolding story!


The Scenario

The scenario is that our story heroine is writing to you as a friend.  Therefore, as a confidante, you are privy to their story.


With each new letter, you'll find yourself eager to learn more.  You'll be wrapped up in an unfolding story of charm, romance and intrigue.  Mail time will become a time that you await with great enthusiasm.