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Lovely Victoriana Letters and Love Stories

Lovely Victoriana Literary Box: Letters From Miss Wakefield Edition

Lovely Victoriana Literary Box: Letters From Miss Wakefield Edition

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What you get:

  • A summer-by-the-sea story
  • Captivating multi-page letters
  • Romantic 24-letter mail experience. 
  • Themed gifts & atmospheric extras

Included inside the box: 

  • 24 Letters (with introduction pages,  themed colouring sheet and themed scrapbooking/junk journaling sheet included w/letter 1)
  • 24 Gazettes
  • 1 Foldable Victorian Hand Fan (DIY paper craft)
  • 1 charming flower garden tea spoon
  • 1 starfish coastal pendant
  • 1 pearl-in-seashell coastal pendant
  • 1 pack of white seashells

The Lovely Victoriana Literary Box is like discovering a box of treasured letters in your Grandma's attic.  It is the perfect gift to give yourself or give someone you love....for any reason during any season! 

It contains all 24 letters and 24 accompanying Gazettes from the "Letters From Miss Wakefield: Summer at Seathorn Manor" love story collection. 

Each of the multi-paged letters comes sealed in a beautiful envelope, waiting to be opened and savoured whenever you want, wherever you want.  Be it morning, afternoon, evening or late into the night. Whether you are curled up in your favourite window seat with a warm blanket wrapped around you or at your beach house surrounded by the sounds of the sea. Allow yourself the opportunity to slow down, relax and take time to enjoy the simple, old-fashioned pleasure of opening mail that fills your heart with delight.

If you love a good binge-read, this box is most definitely for you! 

Romanticize your life with this wholesome, heartwarming, and compelling love story told through letters from the Victorian era. 

The Story Inside: 

It is the summer season of 1898...

Join Miss Kathryn Rose Wakefield as she takes you on her journey to Seathorn Manor in the opulent seaside resort town of St. Andrews by-the-Sea. She is embarking on a new life, as she takes a position as lady's companion to Mrs. Winnifred Constance Everett, a member of high society. 

In this flourishing story from the gilded age, you will be swept away into a world of charm, romance and intrigue as Miss Wakefield shares her innermost thoughts and feelings with you. Experience the tension as she encounters the handsome and powerful but very complex Mr. William Bradford Everett III and find yourself amused by her frequent meetings with the charming Mr. Frederick Brightmore.

Will her heart find love or will all romantic aspirations come crashing down like waves upon the shore, washing away her hopes and dreams, by summer's end?

Find yourself wrapped up in the ebb and flow of emotion, the escalation of tensions and intrigue, the various twists and turns and all of the heartwarming sentiments in this compelling 19th century, Victorian era story.

As a bonus, each letter comes with a complimentary gazette as a supporting document to help build the story and further enhance, inform and entertain. 

If you love the romantic tension and complexity of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", you will love this story!

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