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Somewhere, deep inside, we all yearn for a more peaceful, simpler time. A time of innocence and values. A time which seems to exude elegance, charm and romance.

You are invited to leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern-day living and step back in time to the Victorian Era with our compelling letter mail experience.

Whether you choose our 12-month stories or our 1-month short stories, we are sure that you will delight in this pleasant diversion from the everyday.  Our commitment is to make your mail time a much sweeter experience. 

Letters From Miss Wakefield: Summer at Seathorn Manor

It is the summer season of 1898. Join Miss Kathryn Rose Wakefield as she embarks on a new life, taking you on her journey to Seathorn Manor, in an opulent seaside resort town on the east coast.

In this flourishing story from the gilded age, you will be swept away into a world of charm, romance and intrigue. Experience the tension as she encounters the handsome and powerful but very complex Mr. William Bradford Everett III and find yourself amused by her frequent meetings with the charming Mr. Frederick Brightmore.

Will Miss Wakefield's heart find love or will all romantic aspirations come crashing down like waves upon the shore, washing away her hopes and dreams, by summer's end?

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Letters From Miss Lovett: Hearts In Bloom

It is February of 1899. The season of love. In this fast-paced, upbeat, romantic, 2-letter mini-story, join Miss Victoria Lovett as she eagerly prepares for and partakes in her community's Hearts In Bloom festival. 

Will she receive an invite to the annual Sweetheart's dance from a certain eligible bachelor or will the haughty and beautiful Miss Pringham step in and waltz away with her hopes and dreams?

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